Marketing Data Strategy

Implementing an effective marketing strategy can be a complex and daunting task – but marketing without a clear strategy is an even scarier prospect. Building an effective marketing strategy based on real data is vital for any marketing team.

At Union Data, we use our in-depth expertise to uncover actionable customer insight from data to shape our clients’ marketing strategies.

This includes a comprehensive analysis of how best to optimise your marketing spend to meet your specific business objectives. We design bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs, for your specific budget. And what’s more, we stand firmly against tech for tech’s sake. We only ever recommend investing in new technology or processes when there’s a watertight business case for doing so.

Finally, as you should expect from any data consultant, all our marketing strategies are underpinned by a proven test-and-learn approach. This ensures that your marketing approach has in place the necessary goals and targets to allow for continual adaptation and refinement over time.