Ensuring Food Standards Scotland’s segmentation models cater to all

“Union Data’s expert combination of knowledge and data insight significantly improved our marketing communication strategies.”

Katherine Goodwin, Head of Marketing, Food Standards Scotland.

Food Standards Scotland (FSS) is a devolved government agency with full responsibility for food safety and healthy eating in Scotland.

We were briefed to develop a segmentation model to help the agency understand the Scottish public’s attitudes towards both food safety and healthy eating. As a result of our detailed analysis and research, we changed its market segmentation strategy and developed two separate models: one for food safety, one for healthy eating.

These models are used to inform policy and allow FSS to create differentiated marketing approaches (media channel, offer, tone of voice, creative, format, etc.) tailored to each segment. This ensures that each communication is relevant and timely for the individual recipient.








Recently, we helped FSS optimise its public awareness campaign on healthy eating using both the segmentation models and the underlying data to better define the target audiences. This helped improve the media planning process to ensure the campaign reaches the people with the highest potential to improve their eating habits when eating outside the home.

“Union Data’s collaborative approach to delivering a segmentation model was instrumental in ensuring that the output met our strategic organisational objectives. They expertly combined our internal knowledge of the two complex subjects with the insight available from the data to deliver a model capable of significantly improving our marketing communication strategies over the long term.”

Katherine Goodwin, Head of Marketing, Food Standards Scotland.

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