Keeping the blood flowing for Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

By implementing a new approach, we were able to fundamentally improve donor contact strategies for better targeted key messages.

The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) is Scotland’s national blood, blood product, and tissue provider.

When we first started working with SNBTS, blood donors believed that there was a pressing need for donations from all blood groups at all times. In reality, SNBTS can manage national blood stocks much more efficiently if donors with specific blood types can be called on to donate as and when particular stocks begin to run low.

So, our brief was to change the way people think about blood donation. It was critical to get this message across to the existing donor base – while simultaneously enabling SNBTS to attract new donors. No pressure then.








Our solution was to create a segmentation model that went beyond blood type, by incorporating donor life stage too. By implementing this new approach, we were able to fundamentally change the provider's donor contact strategies and key messages.

We undertook stakeholder interviews, profiling, data analysis and desk research to aid the development of this model. We worked closely with the client’s internal IT team to specify and design the technical solution that would deploy the new donor contact strategy within the limits of internal data/technology constraints.

The result? Each individual donor’s blood group is now used together with the segmentation model to underpin a series of dynamic and highly personalised communications across multiple channels, with more than 160 unique combinations possible.